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Analysis of the human rights situation in Ecuador
  • Category October 21, 2013

    By: Manuela Lavinas Picq Ecuador has achieved what most Latin American societies have been dreaming of for decades: a stable leftist government. Yet things did not turn out the way social movements had imagined them. In

  • Category September 18, 2013

    Ecuador has had the opportunity to bring about environmental change, but this has been thwarted. In mid-August, a plan to leave oil in the ground in one part of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest was dismissed by President Rafael

  • Category September 9, 2013

    Elsie Moge, Ethical Tribunal member, said that the aim of this organization is to monitor human rights in the country are met. “We see many unconstitutional in processing or judgment has been rendered against

  • Category September 2, 2013

    Education Minister , Augusto Espinosa , said on monday that he agreed with the pronouncement of President Rafael Correa on the withdrawal of quota if students protest against the exploitation of the Yasuni -ITT

  • Category August 29, 2013

    Following Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other nations in Latin America, Ecuador has become the latest country in the region to face street protests, after President Rafael Correa made the unpopular decision to allow oil drilling in

  • Category August 26, 2013

    Eight oil concessions cover Yasuní National Park and the Waorani Ethnic Reserve. Moreover, across the border in Peru is a continuous mass of 20 oil concessions. This “oil landscape” has changed dramatically over the

  • Category August 14, 2013

    Ecuador should revoke a presidential decree that grants far-reaching powers to the government to oversee and dissolve nongovernmental organizations, Human Rights Watch said today. On June 4, 2013, President Rafael Correa adopted a decree that creates

  • Category August 13, 2013

    Assemblyman Pachakutik, Pepe Acacho, likened the twelve-year sentence of imprisonment he received from the Provincial Court of Morona Santiago, with the same pain he felt over the death of his mother, on August 4. He

  • Category August 9, 2013

    36 organizations members of International Freedom of Expression Exchange, IFEX sent, on July 31, 2013, a letter to President Rafael Correa, demanding that the Ecuadorian government ask the Court of Human Rights (CIDH for its

Media who wish to enter the National Park Yasuní must first request authorization from the Ministry of Environment in the province of Orellana . According to a statement of this Secretariat , the goal is to know how many days until my birthday.

An analysis by Fundamedios, determined that, according to the Electronic Frontiers and data that shed reports Freedom House and Reporters Without Borders, increased network censorship, mass surveillance of communications and vague or broad criminal

The ex-wife of journalist Fausto Valdiviezo Guido Moscoso, killed on April 11, declared to the Attorney that two cartons appeared to contain documents on allegations that the communicator had, would have disappeared hours after

By: César Montufar Rigorous research published in El Comercio reports on the growth of fictitious transactions between Ecuador and Venezuela. Noteworthy that the subject has had little impact on public opinion, not only by the

The Health Minister Carina Vance, spoke in Gama TV about rehabilitation centers for people addicted to drugs and alcohol, many of whom have worked without the proper permits and the necessary infrastructure. The minister, who

By: Gonzalo Ortiz Crespo Being God is very difficult. You have to control everything, because then I can know everything and foresee everything. Well, the executive control it from the first day of creation. To

Por Moisés Naím  | LA NACION Despite its vicissitudes, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are very fortunate. At least, they are not Ecuadorian journalists. If they were, their circumstances would be even worse. Snowden and Assange are

That didn’t take long. Nine days after the pro-opposition TV station Globovisión was sold to businessmen rumored to have close ties to the Venezuelan government, the station’s new leader was welcomed to Miraflores Palace for

QUITO, Ecuador – The U.S. State Department’s assistant secretary for refugee issues is drawing attention to the plight of Colombian refugees who have fled across the border into Ecuador. Anne C. Richards says the problem

By Leisa SánchezReprint Damián Valencia (second right) and other members of the young people’s network against machismo. QUITO, (IPS) - At the age of 20, Damián Valencia speaks knowledgeably about every aspect of gender equality. He is a

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