Human Rights Ecuador
Analysis of the human rights situation in Ecuador

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Human Rights Americas is an open, pluralistic and non-profit organization that brings together people from throughout the Americas and meets around the vital purpose of safeguarding the full enjoyment of human rights in all countries in the Americas. Our organization promotes utmost respect for the ideas of others as the essential basis of our daily lives and presents in a transparent way to the rest of the world the most important aspects of the exercise of human rights in Ecuador.

Human Rights Americas does not defend or advocate any kind of proselytism or political views or religious or ideological position. It is open to all people; men and women, young and old, workers and entrepreneurs, students and teachers, people of the Americas interested in the defense of freedom and respect for democracy in our hemisphere.

In Human Rights Americas, the main requirement is to love freedom and democracy, the latter understood from a perspective that fundamentally values the full exercise of the rule of law, where freedoms are respected, and where every human being is able to work and to act without harming others. Political freedom is the right, the capacity and exercise of self-determination as an expression of individual will.

Human Rights Americas is an independent means of expression, of information, analysis and dissemination of human rights issues and news information sourced from human rights organizations and prestigious media in Ecuador and throughout the world that refers to human rights violations, assaults and any violations of human rights.

It promotes liberty and democracy, and the dissemination of the defense of these values: protecting the right to life, liberty, security and integrity of the individual, the right to equality before the law, the right to religious freedom and worship, the right to freedom of investigation, opinion, and expression, the right to the protection of a person’s honor, reputation and private life and family. The right to establish and protect the family, the right to protect mothers and children, the right of residence and circulation, the right to the inviolability of residence, the right to the inviolability and sending of correspondence, the right to the preservation of health and welfare, the right to education, the right to the benefits of culture and value of cultural identity, the right to work and receive a fair remuneration. The right to rest, the right to social security, the right to the recognition of legal status and civil rights, the right to justice, the right to nationality, the right to vote and to participate in government, the right of assembly, the freedom of association, the right to property, the right to petition, the right to protection against arbitrary detention, the right to due process and the right to asylum.

In Human Rights Americas we believe that respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all people, are the foundation of modern civilization and democracy.

Peter McFarren