Human Rights Ecuador
Analysis of the human rights situation in Ecuador

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History repeats itself: a series of abuses against human rights and freedom of expression for the purpose of monopolizing information.

The government of Ecuador currently has 19 media outlets under its control, not only to promote official propaganda but also to attack opposition political figures and its enemies.

Using the pretext of the economic crisis of the end of the 1990s, the government of Ecuador began a baseless and illegal process against the brothers Roberto and William Isaias. In 2008 President Rafael Correa ordered through an administrative proceeding the illegal confiscation of the TC Televisión, Gamma Visión, radio stations, magazines and other media outlets belonging to the businessmen Isaias with the purpose of controlling the media companies for political benefit. In January of 2010 the businessmen Isaias were declared not guilty in the judicial process and the judges that issued that verdict were removed from their position and replaced by hand pick judges only for three weeks. The persecution has continued until the year 2012 when the Isaias brothers were declared guilty with the only purpose being the continued use by President Correa of the communication media. If Correa does find the businessman guilty it should return them their television, radio stations and magazines it has taken away from them.

In the judicial process led by President Correa there have been 25 judges involved and the judge who confirmed the ruling that favors the interests of the government is the same who confirmed the ruling against the newspaper El Universo: Merino

Violations to private property

Violations to due process